Lod Doc and Non Bank lenders

New and old Non Bank Lenders available with Low rates and Minimal financials. Maybe a Declaration of Income Letter from Accountant or BAS statements. Or you may have a Credit Default or Judgement. Or you may like a recent client have a different that standard HIA contract. Which I did recently. I deal with Most banks and some Building Societies but as above I had a client with a $642 default in 2017 with a phone company. Lenders considered flexible would not lend them the full loan amount or wanted to charge an excessive fee. I referred to a Non Bank lender of 20 years that I have dealt with and the loan was approved at 2.54% with option of Offset.

I have a wide range of lenders and can shop your deal to my contacts with NO credit check and find one that will assist. If i don’t find from regular sources I have many other sources of funding. I will do my best to help .