We offer a range of loan services to suit your needs.

Investment Loans

Rates and details on Enquiry Basically the same as Home Loans but due to recent government pressures the rates are

Professional Loans

Rates and details on Enquiry Loans are not exclusive to Professionals but standard rates are usually low variable BUT annual

Residential Loans

Home Loans from 2.59% pa Variable* Lowest rates are generally on Basic Loans with minimal of no redraw.

General Details


A inquiry was made by a person who was due to get some money from a settlement and planned to reduce their Home Loan and maybe fully repay. I was told they were thinking about renting out the property. I advised them that if they fully repaid the loan and then put tenants in that they may lose a tax benefit and to refer to their accountant. Usually it would be best for loan to be at a maximum if landlord has other outside income and is renting out the property, BUT as always i recommended they talk to their accountant about tax matters. Redraw (or advance payments) can be used without submitting a new application. Meaning Applicant can request the excess amount with only a nominal fee, maybe even none.


Ability to “fix” the whole loan amount if you feel rates are low enough or you feel they may increase to an uncomfortable level. Or maybe you are planning a baby and know income will be down for a year or two while partner stays home to care for child.  Or you may be concerned about stability of employment and need some comfort of ability to pay until you are more secure. There is always the risk that rates will reduce and you will pay too much. It is a gamble on market, BUT a 3 year term as a comfortable one for most people as it is not too long and most people know what they plan to do for the next 3 years while 5 and 10 years is a walk into the unknown. A longer term may suit an Applicant who has fixed income and no plans for growth in the term they would like. Again a thing to discuss with Accountant or Financial Planner


Ability to “fix” part of a loan usually the bit you know you cant reduce and keep the balance variable so you can concentrate on reducing that amount. Many people feel comfortable with this as they are hedging bets, more or less. May be more suitable to have a fully fixed loan and use a lender who allows sizable reductions annually. There are such options available