Residential Loans

Home Loans from 5.99% pa Variable*

Lowest rates are generally on Basic Loans with minimal of no redraw . They also have a tendency to be restricted to LVR around 80%. Rates are also more flexible than shown on sites like this. A strong Application can be shopped to a few lenders to get a better rate than generally offered over the counter by that lender.

Competitive Loans available to 95% but listing rates is difficult as there are many lenders available with differing assessment guidelines. Some lenders also add mortgage insurance to the loan amount which can push LVR up to 97% approx.
Some lenders charge annual fees, or monthly fees or none. Plus some lenders offer, at times, NO Application Fees, or NO Valuation Fees. We can check if deal is worthwhile and the best for our clients needs.

Need to be careful of some Lenders as a low rate is offered and may only be for a year, at the end of which it increases to regular rates

This is the assistance and help that I offer you to get a few of the best options to consider

*Rates listed are indicative